15 Ways To Increase Productivity and Grow Your Business

As business owners, it’s easy to get caught up in day to day activities and forget about the some of the more ‘mundane’ things that are so important for productivity and business growth. These are the things you know you need to do, and of course you totally PLAN on doing them, but you continue to push them off thinking “I can get to that later…”. Big mistake!

Taking the time to check in on your brand, business processes, and on yourself, and make improvements when needed, will keep you feeling hyped about your business.

When you’re hyped, you’re focused – so you can’t help but be more productive. When you’re more productive, your business can’t help but grow to be a well-oiled (and wildly successful) machine.

So don’t put these things off any longer!

Here are 15 things that you should be doing (on a regular basis) that will not only increase your productivity and efficiency, but ultimately help you and your business grow.

Check-in With Your Brand

1. Audit Your Website – When it comes to your website, you can’t just ‘set it and forget it’. Websites take ongoing maintenance to ensure plugins are updated, images and links are still active, the SEO is optimized, the content is fresh etc…

Plan to self-audit your website monthly or, do the next best things to ‘set it and forget it’ and arrange a regular monthly maintenance package with your designer.

If you self-audit, have a professional audit your website 1-2 times each year. Regular maintenance will help you avoid dealing with sudden and unexpected issues. 

2. Audit Your Social Media – Maintaining an active and cohesive online presence on social media is a great way to build brand recognition and grow your business. It’s important to occasionally step back and look at the big picture when it comes to social media. Check your bios, photos, videos etc to make sure everything is up to date, brand cohesive, and in line with your goals.

3. Audit Your Branding – Look at everything together; your logo, business cards, marketing materials, website, and social media profiles. Your visual identity should clearly convey your brand story to your target audience. If it doesn’t, it may be time for an update.   

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Organize All The Things

4. Prioritize – Take a look at your day and think about how you spend your time and where you direct your attention. If you constantly feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day, it may be time to re-prioritize your schedule to up your productivity levels. 

5. Purge – This can easily apply to any number of things – from purging any services or products that no longer generate revenue, eliminating daily tasks or business processes that aren’t working toward your goals, to cleaning up your computer, desk, or office. Getting rid of the unnecessary will save you time and money, not to mention the satisfying feeling of clearing out clutter!  

6. Organize – Once you know what’s most important and you’ve gotten rid of anything that does not benefit you and your business, it’s time to organize. Keeping your workspace, routine, and best practices simple and streamlined will increase your productivity. It will also help you to develop laser-like focus on your goals.   

Simplify For Productivity

7. Automate – Now that you have your priorities arranged and you’ve started to streamline your processes, analyze what’s left and simplify even more by tackling some of your ongoing tasks through the power of automation.

There are so many apps and tools available to us now that make tasks like social media networking, invoicing, accounting, and emailing so much easier.  When you have the opportunity, don’t be afraid to focus on the tasks you enjoy most and let technology handle the rest.

Check out these helpful tips on small business automation.

8. Improve – Which ongoing tasks do you have that take up more of your time than you’d like? If it can’t be automated, simplify it or improve it. Choose an area of your business and lay out a specific process plan for how you will accomplish each task. Taking a systematic approach with your regular tasks like marketing, networking, and blogging will make your workflow even more effective and efficient. What does that mean? Yep, you guessed it – an increase in productivity and business growth.

9. Plan – If you don’t already have your personal and business goals mapped out, now’s the time. Think short-term and long-term, starting with your largest goals and breaking those down into smaller goals and tasks. Be sure to set yourself up for success by making a specific plan for how you will achieve your goals.

Educate Yourself

10. Read – Sit back, relax and read a book. You could also listen to an audiobook or your favorite podcast. Try something motivational or educational. Maybe something on a subject you’re interested in learning more about, such as marketing or SEO. Reading is an excellent way to take a well-deserved break while still being productive. Check out this list of the “Best Small Business Podcasts on the Planet”.

11. Take a Class or Course – Find an online class ,workshop, or tutorial. With websites like Skillshare, Udemy, and Youtube, it’s never been easier to learn something new. Whether it’s photography, Photoshop, or learning a new art medium – grow your skill set and your business is sure to grow too.

12. Research – Is there a particular part of your business that you would like to improve or learn more about? Maybe you’ve been wondering if there is a better way to manage your social media, or you want to learn how to utilize the data from your analytics plugin to make significant changes that will drive more traffic to your site. Take some time and research whether or not there are better ways to do the things you are already doing.

Get Out Of The Office

13. Connect – Go check out a new business in your area. Reach out to other local business owners and join or schedule a meet-up. Get out of the office, check out some local businesses in person and meet your ‘neighbors’. Social media or websites like Alignable are great ways to connect.

14. Reconnect – Reach out to past clients, customers, or partners and see how they’re doing. No business, just a simple ‘no strings attached’ email, text, call, or a handwritten note if you’re feeling fancy. If you’re local, you could even suggest getting together for drinks or dinner. Each connection is an opportunity for growth.

15. Treat Yourself – Last but not least, take some time to do something just for you! A nice lunch, an afternoon off, or hitting up a happy hour with some friends. Just do something that makes you happy. You work hard and you deserve a break! Plus, anything that benefits your well-being will automatically benefit your business.  

What do you do to stay productive and grow your business? Tell us in the comments below! 

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